Our company


  • We hope to offer and create high quality value by every work and for the best client-friendly price.
  • We follow construction deadlines and meet the expectations and needs of the Contracting entity by implementing the best corresponding applications.
  • We perform our work in good order and by due date.
  • We accumulate and value experience.
  • We support employees’ development by providing corresponding training and career options based on experience. We value our people highly by creating a modern and inspiring working environment and a motivating incentive system that supports entrepreneurship.
  • We perform work in conformity with good building practice and the legislature;
  • We ensure the constant increase of the quality level of the work.


  • Conformity with legal acts and standard documents;
  • Constant consideration and analysis of the Contracting entity’s wishes, requirements, suggestions and needs in order to meet the expectations and even exceed them if possible;
  • The use of environmentally-friendly technology and decrease of pollution in the building activity;
  • Constant training of the personnel to enable the application of acquired skills;
  • Delivery of corresponding faultless structures to the contracting entity at an agreed time;
  • The constant improvement and development of the management system of the enterprise.
  • Guaranteeing a safe working environment
  • To be the most preferred partner to the client in the building sphere, the best subcontractor to the main contractor, and employee.


January 26, 2018